Digital Risk Monitoring Is A Service, Not a Distinct Capability

Digital Shadows was recently recognized as a leader in the Forrester Wave on Digital Risk Monitoring. Digital risk monitoring is the term Forrester Research uses to describe what we call cyber situational awareness. Digital risk monitoring is emerging as a must have capability that enables enterprises to better understand their digital footprints and the risks associated with them.

When evaluating digital risk monitoring offerings it is important to avoid hyper focusing on individual capabilities.  How many point solutions does your organization possess today? Do you have more than twenty, more than thirty? Adding more discrete capabilities to your portfolio isn’t the answer. Instead of investing in a social media monitoring and brand protection solution, you should consider investing in a complete digital risk monitoring service.

Digital Shadows SearchLight™ extends far beyond just brand protection or social media monitoring. SearchLight offers visibility into the digital risks associated with: data leakage, cyber threats, physical security, infrastructure exposure, social media monitoring as well as brand protection.

Cyber situational awareness Types

One of the advantages of leveraging a service with a wide breath of coverage is that you gain context across incident types. With this additional context, you can better understand the relationship across these incident types. For example, instead of looking at typo squats in insolation, you can better understand the campaign, infrastructure and adversary behind it.

You can access the Digital Risk Monitoring Wave to learn more about Forrester’s analysis and to read why Forrester says, “Digital Shadows showcases the digital risk dashboard of the future.”

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