Simply Put, Effective Cybersecurity is the Strength Sum of Its Parts

Today’s cybersecurity landscape, dominated as it is by professional threat actors, state sponsored attackers and hacktivists, requires a more consistent and integrated approach from governments and businesses around the world to technology vendors. Having the very best solution remains critical, but if it is isolated inside a corporate infrastructure, the bad guys will likely eventually find a way around it.

Meaningful partnerships with an integrated technology approach bring together best of breed solutions in a manner that enterprises can greatly improve their overall security posture, reducing overall exposure and protecting investment.

We recognize that while Digital Shadows’ SearchLight solution remains a market leader in digital risk management solving several significant challenges for customers today, by working with market leading technology partners we can offer our mutual customers an incrementally more effective solution to combat the threat of cybersecurity.

This is why we are excited that today we announced our Digital Risk Management Technology Ecosystem featuring 11 leading security technology companies, with more expected to join in the coming months. We have spent months working diligently to locate partners who all share a vision for how security analytics and security information and event management (SIEM), product orchestration and automation, risk and compliance, intelligence and network enforcement, must work together to best protect customers from today’s digital risks.

Our initial ecosystem members will bring their individual, industry-proven strengths to enhance Digital Shadows’ intelligence and digital risk management capabilities which extend across the widest range of data sources within the open, deep and dark web to protect customers around the world.

Just last month we announced similar partnerships with Splunk and ServiceNow and we are convinced that these kinds of alliances and partnerships are the best way to protect our customers around the world so they can maximize and tap the huge benefits the digital economy brings.

To learn more, read our full press release here.

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