Brand Protection Overview

Discover attackers impersonating your domains, social accounts, people, and mobile applications.

From cybercriminals to nation-states, phishing is one of the most popular and trusted tactics used by attackers. With more than $26 billion lost to Business Email Compromise since 2016, phishing has a real business impact. By impersonating organi- zations' brands online, attackers can launch more convincing phishing campaigns.

SearchLight finds for where organizations' brands are exposed online - looking for impersonating domains, spoof social media accounts, and mobile applications targeting your customers, employees, and suppliers.

With continuous detection, vital context, and quick remediation, you can effectively disrupt their adversaries' attempts to target your employees and customers and safeguard your brand.

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Domain Monitoring Solutions Guide
Domain Monitoring Solutions Guide

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Impersonating Domains: Breaking Research and New Functionality
Impersonating Domains: Breaking Research and New Functionality

This webinar covers the latest research into impersonating domains and provides a demo of SearchLight’s ind...


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