ERP Applications Under Fire: How Cyber Attackers Target the Crown Jewels The findings of this joint research between Digital Shadows and Onapsis shed light into how nation-state actors, cybercriminals and hacktivist groups are actively attacking these applications and what organizations should do to mitigate this critical risk. Key highlights include: Hacktivist groups are actively attacking ERP applications to disrupt critical business operations and penetrate target organizations. Cybercriminals have evolved malware to target internal, “behind-the-firewall” ERP applications. Nation-state sponsored actors have targeted ERP applications for cyber espionage and sabotage. There has been a dramatic increase in the interest in exploits for SAP applications, including SAP HANA, in dark web and cybercriminal forums. Resources Center: Website: Subscribe to our Newsletter: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn:
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Five Threats to Financial Services: Part Four, Payment Card Fraud
Five Threats to Financial Services: Part Four, Payment Card Fraud

Payment card information is the lifeblood of the cybercriminal ecosystem. In previous blogs in this series,...

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MITRE ATT&CK and GRU Indictment
MITRE ATT&CK and GRU Indictment


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