Breach! Exploring the Modern Digital Breach: Part 2

What practical steps should organizations and the professionals within them be thinking about in this new world? We have a special two-part series where Rick Holland, VP Intelligence and CISO at Digital Shadows, interviews Bob Anderson, CEO at Cyber Defense Labs and James Chappell, co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Digital Shadows. In part 2, the team looks at: - Steps you can take into your programs today as a security or business leader - Advice for boards on how to do to deal with breaches - Knowing your data - What do organizations need to be doing when it comes to understanding and protecting their digital footprint? - Mistakes organizations make in the response stage Learn more at or
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Data Leakage Detection
Data Leakage Detection

Detect sensitive data that's been exposed by employees, contractors, or third parties.

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Detecting Exposed Credentials | Case Study
Detecting Exposed Credentials | Case Study

See how one large bank detected more than 50,000 exposed credentials in 1 year.


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