Data Leakage Detection Solutions Guide

September 21, 2021

Data Exposure: Inevitable and Ubiquitous 

A key responsibility for an IT security professional is to secure the business’ information assets, be that customer data, financial information, or any other critical information. Often the focus is on controlling flows of sensitive data over the perimeter or within the network, perhaps with Data Loss Prevention solutions. This approach misses data that is already exposed across the digital footprint of the business which extends beyond the perimeter, throughout the supply chain. Data exposure is already a big challenge, and it continues to grow.

This data loss can lead to loss of competitive advantage, fines for non-compliance, and funds lost to fraud. This guide outlines how to detect, analyze, and remediate data leakage–including a treasure chest of free tooling.

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Detecting Exposed Data Online
Detecting Exposed Data Online

Join Digital Shadows to learn about best practices for detecting exposed data across online.

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