Weekly: Drug Kingpin Taken Down by Cheese and Ransomware Makes a Comeback

Digital Shadows

ShadowTalk hosts Stefano, Adam, Kim, and Dylan bring you the latest in threat intelligence. This week they cover:

  • Dylan discusses how cheese was the downfall of a drug dealer in the UK and how a cybercriminal messaging forum contributed
  • Kim talks ransomware - how ransom demands stole the spotlight from supply-chain attacks
  • Avaddon victims refuse to pay ransom demands - what happened?
  • Adam dives into politically motivated ransomware

Get this week’s intelligence summary at: https://resources.digitalshadows.com/digitalshadows/weekly-intelligence-summary-28-may

***Resources from this week’s podcast***

Stilton Incident: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geronimo_Stilton


Politically Motivated Ransomware: https://assets.sentinelone.com/sentinellabs/evol-agrius

MTNOW: https://blog.malwarebytes.com/cybercrime/malware/2021/05/bizarro-a-banking-trojan-full-of-nasty-tricks/

MTTPOTW: https://attack.mitre.org/techniques/T1568/002/

FUNNIES: https://www.runnersworld.com/runners-stories/a32433537/strava-art/

Cybercriminal Forum Death Blog: https://www.digitalshadows.com/blog-and-research/how-cybercriminal-platforms-meet-their-end/

Intelligence Cycle Blog: https://www.digitalshadows.com/blog-and-research/how-the-intelligence-cycle-can-help-defend-against-ransomware-attack/

What We’re Reading Blog: https://www.digitalshadows.com/blog-and-research/what-were-reading-this-month-may-2021/

Also, don’t forget to reach out to - shadowtalk@digitalshadows.com

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Weekly: VPN Vulnerabilities, EA Gets Attacked, Plus Clop Deals With Affiliate Arrests

ShadowTalk hosts Sean, Ivan, and Charles bring you the latest in threat intelligence.

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Weekly Intelligence Summary 28 May

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