Security Spotlight Series: Dr. Richard Gold

In our Security Spotlight Series, we bring our team out of the shadows and into the spotlight. In this edition, we profile Dr Richard Gold, Digital Shadows’ Head of Security Engineering. Richard Gold is an information security professional experienced in both offensive and defensive security, as well as security engineering. He has worked for Cisco on web proxies and Secure Development Lifecycles (SDLs), AGT International on Internet of Things/SCADA and, currently, Digital Shadows in various security-related roles. He is particularly interested in open source intelligence (OSINT) reconnaissance, Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) campaigns and offensive security techniques. He is a Certified SCADA Security Architect and holds a PhD in Computer Networking. Organizations rely on Digital Shadows to be an extension of their security team. Our global team provide the latest tooling, relevant research, much needed context, tailored remediation advice and managed takedown support to make our clients’ jobs easier and more efficient. Resources Center: Website: Subscribe to our Newsletter: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn:
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Shadow Search™ for SearchLight™

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