Account Takeover Prevention

Detect exposed employee credentials before attackers do.

Every year billions of credentials, email addresses, passwords, and personal information, are posted online. Ninety-seven percent of the largest 1,000 organizations in the world are included in this and, because people reuse passwords, a credential for one system can be used by an attacker to compromise many others.

Credentials are extremely valuable to cybercriminals - there is a thriving market for them across the deep and dark web. They are used for credential stuffing and account takeover attacks, and
are simple, profitable, and low risk tactics for attackers. Toolkits are also traded online, meaning little skill and knowledge is needed by the attacker.

Digital Shadows finds credentials from large breaches as well as inadvertant and deliberate leaks on the open, deep, and dark web. This includes criminal forums, as well as sites like Ghostbin and Github. This huge repository means we can tell you if the
credential has been seen before - reducing the need for investigation.

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Account Takeover: Protect Your Customer and Employee Accounts
Account Takeover: Protect Your Customer and Employee Accounts

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