Digital Shadows SearchLight™

January 17, 2019

As the Leader in Digital Risk Protection, SearchLight helps security teams to quickly understand and act on their external exposure

With expanding attack surfaces, increased use of Shadow IT, and more complex third-party agreements, it’s incredibly challenging to keep a handle on the data you are exposing. This exposure presents more opportunities to adversaries, who understand how to leverage and manipulate an organization’s online presence.

Whether it is the ever-increasing cost of data breaches, fine for non-compliance, or costs associated with Business Email Compromise, if external exposure is left unmanaged it can cause real business costs.

In order to these costs, security teams are required to gain an understanding of this exposure, as well as keep up to date with the threat landscape. By combining industry-leading coverage with noise reduction and effective prioritization, SearchLight eases the workload of resource-constrained analysts. This enables them to produce better analysis, quicker remediation, and more effective operationalization.

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