Phishing Protection

July 18, 2019

Discover attackers impersonating your domains, social accounts, people, and mobile applications.

From cybercriminals to nation-states, phishing is one of the most popular and trusted tactics. With an estimated $12.5 billion lost to Business Email Compromise, phishing has a real business impact. What's more - email is only one part of the story. Many technologies exist to identify known malicious phishing emails, detect anomalies, or prevent email spoofing. But they do not provide the full picture - especially as organizations increasingly interact with customers and prospects online.

SearchLight looks beyond the perimeter - looking for impersonating domains, spoof social media accounts, and mobile applications targeting your customers, employees, and

With continuous detection, vital context, and quick remediation, you can effectively disrupt their adversaries' attempts to target your employees and customers.

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Detecting Spoof Domains - Domain Infringement | Case Study
Detecting Spoof Domains - Domain Infringement | Case Study

See how one global retailer detected almost 2,000 domains impersonating their brand.