WEEKLY: COVID-19 Third Party App Risks, Zoom, And DarkHotel Hackers

April 10, 2020 Digital Shadows

Coming to you from Dallas this week - we have Kacey, Harrison, Alex, and Charles. This week the team talks through third party app risks as they relate to COVID-19, as well as touch on security considerations for video conferencing platforms. We also talk through the latest story around the DarkHotel hackers using a VPN zero-day to compromise Chinese government agencies.

Check out this week’s Intelligence Summary at https://resources.digitalshadows.com/weekly-intelligence-summary

And for all of our threat intel resources around COVID-19: https://resources.digitalshadows.com/coronavirus-threat-intelligence-resources

***Resources from this week***

Third party app risks blog from Kacey: https://www.digitalshadows.com/blog-and-research/covid-19-risks-of-third-party-apps/

Webinar: Threat Model of a Remote Worker (April 16th): https://info.digitalshadows.com/Webinar-Threat-Model-of-a-Remote-Worker.html?Source=podcast

SANS webinar recording with Alex: https://www.sans.org/webcasts/archive/2020 

DarkHotel news: https://www.zdnet.com/article/darkhotel-hackers-use-vpn-zero-day-to-compromise-chinese-government-agencies/

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