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  • Digital Shadows Overview

    Digital Shadows Overview

    Digital Shadows minimizes digital risk by identifying unwanted exposure and protecting against external threats.

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  • Digital Shadows and ServiceNow® Vulnerability Response

    Digital Shadows and ServiceNow® Vulnerability Response

    The Digital Shadows Vulnerability Intelligence for ServiceNow® Vulnerability Response application brings powerful context to vulnerabilities using Digital Shadow's threat intelligence.

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  • Digital Shadows and Microsoft Sentinel

    Digital Shadows and Microsoft Sentinel

    Digital Shadows SearchLight™ integration with Microsoft Sentinel enables security teams to synchronize intelligence data, and pivot across data sources.

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  • Threat Intelligence Datasheet

    Threat Intelligence Datasheet

    Cyber Threat Intelligence is brought to you by Digital Shadows’ Photon Research Team.

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  • Vulnerability Intelligence Datasheet

    Vulnerability Intelligence Datasheet

    Digital Shadows provides the best way to prioritize vulnerabilities, enabling users to quickly identify which vulnerabilities to respond to first.

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  • Digital Shadows Managed Takedown Service

    Digital Shadows Managed Takedown Service

    Our Managed Takedown Service provides customers end-to-end management of submitting, chasing, and confirming takedown requests across all available risk categories.

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  • Digital Shadows Custom Intelligence

    Digital Shadows Custom Intelligence

    Digital Shadows custom intelligence services allow you to leverage our industry-leading team of global intelligence analysts and security researchers for more custom intelligence requirements.

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  • SocialMonitor Datasheet

    SocialMonitor Datasheet

    SocialMonitor adds targeted human collection to SearchLight's existing broad automated coverage, giving you the peace of mind that high priority social media sites are covered.

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  • Digital Shadows Advisory Services

    Digital Shadows Advisory Services

    Ensure you get the most value from SearchLight by providing white glove services for onboarding, technical maintenance, playbooks and automation, and remediation.

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  • SearchLight Domain Monitoring Datasheet

    SearchLight Domain Monitoring Datasheet

    Triage effortlessly with superior classification and automated actions with domain alerts.

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  • XSOAR Datasheet

    XSOAR Datasheet

    With XSOAR playbooks that leverage data from Digital Shadows, you can further reduce investigation times.

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  • AzureAD Datasheet

    AzureAD Datasheet

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  • Dark Web Monitoring Overview

    Dark Web Monitoring Overview

    The visibility needed to detect fraud and track threat actors.

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  • Data Leakage Detection Overview

    Data Leakage Detection Overview

    Detect sensitive data that's been exposed by employees, contractors, or third parties.

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  • Brand Protection Overview

    Brand Protection Overview

    Discover attackers impersonating your domains, social accounts, people, and mobile applications.

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  • Exposed Access Key Datasheet

    Exposed Access Key Datasheet

    SearchLight provides an industry-leading and scalable way to detect exposed access keys in near-real-time, complete with the context and guidance needed to effectively triage and respond.

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  • Digital Shadows Data Sources

    Digital Shadows Data Sources

    The most comprehensive approach to digital risk management.

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  • Shadow Search

    Shadow Search

    Shadow Search speeds up the security operations process, quickly enabling deeper research and faster investigation for threat intelligence and security teams.

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  • Exposed Document Datasheet

    Exposed Document Datasheet

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  • Technical Leakage Detection Overview

    Technical Leakage Detection Overview

    SearchLight searches identifies exposed technical information by alerting organizations to unauthorized commits to public code repositories, exposed access keys, and other type of exposed technical...

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