Attack Surface Monitoring Overview

As an organizations’ infrastructure grows and becomes more complex, it can be difficult to keep up with expanding attack surfaces. Indeed, only 29% of organizations believe they have sufficient visibility into their attack surface. Attackers are aware of this and frequently look to exploit public-facing applications as part of their campaigns. As many public breaches have demonstrated, when these are not remediated in a timely manner, it can lead to a great deal of brand and financial damage to the organization.

Security teams seeking to identify and assess weaknesses in their infrastructure may turn to a range of tools. While it's easy to perform a vulnerability scan against known assets, ascertain- ing what is the highest priority is difficult. Worse still, it’s difficult to keep track of the infrastructure you are trying to protect.

SearchLight identifies the most critical risks you need to care about, such as vulnerabilities on your external infrastructure with known exploits. Each comes with clear remediation advice; enabling you to continuously detect and remediate.

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Technical Leakage Detection Overview
Technical Leakage Detection Overview

SearchLight searches identifies exposed technical information by alerting organizations to unauthorized com...

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Digital Shadows Data Sources
Digital Shadows Data Sources

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