Data Leakage Detection

Detect sensitive data that's been exposed by employees, contractors, or third parties.

Whether it’s intellectual property, proprietary code, personal data, or financial information, the goal of information security is to protect those assets. However, its not enough to only focus on the network - you need to know what data is already exposed.

When these assets are shared across growing electronic ecosystems, third parties, cloud services, or hosted on infrastructure-as-a-service, it’s easy to lose track of your sensitive data.  When this is combined with exposure from social media and Shadow IT, it’s practically impossible to know where your sensitive data resides online. A failure to detect this exposed data has serious consequences on your business, from enabling corporate espionage to falling foul of compliance regulations. This data often provides attackers with a huge advantage: enabling their reconnaissance, selling your data, or holding your data
to ransom.

SearchLight continually monitors for your technical, sensitive, or personal data across a range of online sources, and instantly alerts you to its exposure. You receive all the context you need to make quick, informed responses.

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Account Takeover Prevention
Account Takeover Prevention

Detect exposed employee credentials before attackers do.

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Digital Footprint Monitoring
Digital Footprint Monitoring

Gain an attackers-eye-view of your external-facing infrastructure.

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