Threat Intelligence Overview

We are an extension to your team.

Organizations across the world have been turning to threat intelligence to increase their understanding of attacker campaigns, behavior, and tools.

An understanding of the relevant threat landscape is key
to making decisions on how best to manage digital risk. However, the pace of change of this landscape - its diversity of actors, behaviors and tools means time and resources are often wasted on irrelevant or out of date information.

SearchLight offers a range of different types of intelligence products, including actor profiles, findings from our closed- source team, weekly intelligence summaries, quick tippers, and deep-dive intelligence incidents. While our team does the heavy lifting, we also provide you access to search across rax, indexed threat data via Shadow Search.

SearchLight combines this understanding of the threat landscape with your organization's exposure to provide a more complete picture. For example, SearchLight also identifies exposed credentials and removes phishing sites. With a range of mitigation options, this helps to reduce the opportunities adversaries have and disrupts their efforts.


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Data Leakage Detection Overview
Data Leakage Detection Overview

Detect sensitive data that's been exposed by employees, contractors, or third parties.

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Dark Web Monitoring Overview
Dark Web Monitoring Overview

The visibility needed to detect fraud and track threat actors.

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