Breach! Exploring the Modern Digital Breach: Part 1

It seems like we read about new breaches every day. What’s changing? How is exposure and the adoption of digital technology changing the breach landscape? We have a special two-part series where Rick Holland, VP Intelligence and CISO at Digital Shadows, interviews Bob Anderson, CEO at Cyber Defense Labs and James Chappell, co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Digital Shadows. In Part 1, the team looks at: - How the breach landscape has evolved - The role of the dark web in a data breach - Are we seeing more breaches or are they getting reported more? - And other war stories from the folks in the room You can read more in our blog post here: In Part 2, the team will give guidance and suggestions for enterprises trying to deal with the threat landscape. Stay tuned! To learn more visit:

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Two-Factor in Review

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