Episode 37: ATM Fraud and Cashout Operations

Digital Shadows

Digital Shadows’ Strategic Intelligence manager Rose Bernard joins Rafael Amado to discuss four separate ATM stories making headlines this week. In Part I, they’ll cover an alert on an impending "ATM cash-out" campaign issued by the FBI, and how India's Cosmos Bank lost $13.5m in cyberattacks after actors bypassed the internal ATM switch system. In Part II, Rafael and Rose will look into flaws discovered in NCR ATM currency dispensers, and a new Bitcoin ATM malware advertised for sale on dark web. For more on how actors acquire and then use stolen payment card information, check out Digital Shadows’ Five Threats to Financial Services blog series, available on https://www.digitalshadows.com/blog-and-research/five-threats-to-financial-services-part-four-payment-card-fraud/


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