Episode 38: Midterm meddling and threat modeling

Digital Shadows

This week it was revealed that six new domains registered by APT28, spoofing nonprofit, Senate, and Microsoft domains, have been sinkholed. With November’s US midterm elections fast-approaching, we dive into the latest threats and discuss how organizations can understand the threat posed to them by such malicious actors. Dr Richard Gold, Head of Security Engineering at Digital Shadows, joins Mike Marriott to discuss threat modeling; outlining the steps organizations can take to define their critical assets, understand the threat landscape, and create scenarios based on these. This enables organizations to identify security controls that are in place to mitigate, prevent and detect a specific threat actor's tradecraft, as well as uncover gaps in controls and establish a remediation plan.


Listen on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/digitalshadows/episode-38-midterm-meddling-and-threat-modeling

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