Episode 51: Phineas Fisher and the Hacking Team Investigation

Digital Shadows

Some called him a hero. Some called him the most dangerous man to the defense industry. In today’s ShadowTalk, Dr. Richard Gold and Harrison Van Riper join Rafael Amado to discuss the vigilante hacker known as Phineas Fisher. Leaked court documents surfaced this week, detailing how Italian authorities tried and ultimately failed to identify and convict Phineas Fisher for the infamous breach against the Italian surveillance and technology company, Hacking Team. The team dive into the history of Phineas Fisher, the techniques used to break into the Hacking Team network, and the OPSEC practices that allowed Phineas Fisher to remain at large.

Listen on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/digitalshadows/episode-51-phineas-fisher-and-the-hacking-team-investigation

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