Episode 58: A Tale of Epic Extortions

The Photon Research Team’s Rafael Amado, Richard Gold and Harrison Van Riper get together to discuss Digital Shadows’ latest research report, A Tale of Epic Extortions: How Cybercriminals Monetize Our Online Exposure. Whereas many of the cyber security issues covered by researchers may seem obscure and irrelevant to the majority of businesses and individuals out there, extortion is a topic with a real human impact, and one that can have physical, psychological and financial consequences. The team look at how extortionists are diversifying their methods, emboldened by the credentials, sensitive documents and technical vulnerabilities that we leave exposed online.

Download the latest report at https://info.digitalshadows.com/ExtortionResearchReport-Podcast.html, and listen to the podcast to learn how to properly manage your online exposure and reduce extortion risks.

Listen on soundcloud:


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