Threat Intelligence Time Management and Prioritization: An Interview with Xena Olsen

September 23, 2019 Digital Shadows

Rick Holland and Harrison Van Riper interview Xena Olsen in this episode of ShadowTalk. The team focus their discussion on how to get timely, but effective intelligence out the door, with details on time management and prioritization for intelligence analysts. They also discuss Xena’s passion projects around diversity within cybersecurity and adversary detection pipelines. Check out our other episode resources below to learn more.


Episode Resources:
Xena’s Site:
SANS Women’s Academy:

About Xena Olsen:
Xena Olsen has 15 years of consulting experience in small and medium sized business guiding clients through challenging topics related to marketing campaign strategy, electronic medical record (EMR) implementation, startup development and launch, Agile project management for software development, international business partnerships, multimillion dollar real estate transactions, and real estate lifecycle management. 

She is a graduate of the SANS 2017 Women’s Academy, an MBA in IT Management, a D.Sc. Cybersecurity student at Marymount University, and currently holds the GSEC, GCIH, GCFE, GMON, GDAT and GPEN certifications. She has spoken at DerbyCon, DEFCON BlueTeamVillage, Diana Initiative, ShmooCon, Art into Science: A Conference of Defense (ACoD), RSA Conference, THEIIA/ISACA/ISSA 2018 Annual Conference, CircleCityCon, and hosted SANS Webcasts on CTI Operational Intelligence and Adversary Detection Pipelines.

Xena enjoys giving back to the infosec community by forming strategic partnerships and arranging curated content for underrepresented minorities in the information security industry. She is the founder of the Women in Information Security Study Group and the Chicago Chapter President of Women in Security and Technology. She is a member of the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC), Yara Exchange, and FuzzySnugglyDuck. Xena serves as an Advisor for a Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program in Chicago and she is on the Advisory Board of the CyberThreat Summit with the National Cyber Security Centre in London.

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