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Weekly Intelligence Summary 23 December

December 23, 2020

The notorious Automated Vending Cart (AVC) website Joker’s Stash allegedly displayed a notification that the site was seized by law-enforcement agencies. A Joker’s Stash official representative quickly took action to quell user fears, declaring on a Russian-language cybercriminal forum that Joker’s Stash would be back within “a few days”. The domains affected by this takedown were all hosted using Blockchain DNS, a technology that usually affords additional security and is difficult to take official action against. The notification, which was swiftly removed, lacked the hallmarks of other official seizure notifications, casting doubt over who was responsible for posting it: law-enforcement authorities or a competing cyber-threat actor/group.

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Weekly Intelligence Summary 08 January

The cyber-security industry learned some valuable lessons during the unique and unprecedented year of 2020.

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