FBI Cyber Division and Digital Shadows: Emerging Ransomware Threats Webinar

March 15, 2018

Hear from the FBI Cyber Division’s leading ransomware investigator in this on demand webinar about the latest threats and vectors and gain insight into how to protect your organization.

New ransomware variants and malicious delivery models are growing exponentially and the implications for your business are staggering. With the objective of compromising your data, ransomware variants are rapidly evolving to evade enterprise defenses. Adding to the growth are new delivery models that enable less sophisticated cybercriminals to leverage advanced ransomware variants to launch successful attacks. 

By attending this session you’ll takeaway:
  • Trends in the massive growth of ransomware
  • Insight into emerging ransomware threats
  • Best practices gaining visibility into the critical threats to your organization
  • Strategies for fortifying defenses and staying compliant

To learn more about how to protect your company against emerging cyber threats, request a live demo here

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