Impersonating Domains Report

A reputable domain name is among the most valuable intangible assets of any organization. Your domain name is often the first point of contact with customers, employees, and partners. That means a significant risk to the business if a cybercriminal or state-sponsored threat actor “impersonates” your domain name: Setting up a fake webpage that looks and feels a lot like yours, to conduct fraud.

Even organizations that are aware of the serious damage impersonating domains can do (to customer base, brand reputation, online reliability), it’s infeasible for them to buy all the endless potential domain name variations for prevention. That’s why having a domain-monitoring solution, along with intelligence-sharing frameworks and security-awareness training, is crucial for your security strategy.

In this report, Digital Shadows’ Photon Team analyzed a data set of more than 175,000 impersonating domains raised to our clients over four months of 2021.

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